BI & Big Data solutions

We help businesses capitalize on data

DecoSystems experts in BI and Big Data will help you build a culture of informed decision-making based on your company’s data; we make forecasts, reduce costs, increase sales and manage risks

What we can do

Analytics collection customization

We’ll organize data collection from your website, mobile application, CRM, and other internal sources

Structure and enrich data

We’ll set up data cleansing mechanisms and ETL processes to update your storage daily

Organization of data analysis

We’ll build mathematical models for data analysis to ensure your business’ predictability

Show your business the benefits of data

We’ll increase data collection and analytics speeds. We’ll also implement operational reporting systems for your business

You will get


Timely implementation of business intelligence audit systems in companies that help you process and store a lot of data. In addition, we provide transparent and understandable solutions that easily integrate with your business


We have access to the world's leading solutions within a data-driven culture. You’ll also get the practice of complex and automated lifecycle management of MLOps machine learning systems which will meet your business needs


We're a team of experts with extensive experience. Our team consists of engineers experienced in delivering BI and Big Data solution projects; including expertise in data storage and machine learning


We help our clients improve business efficiency by applying AI and ML solutions


A pre-made set of application services that will help you implement Data Governance concepts

  • Services for testing the quality of ETL processes
  • Services for typical creation of automated ETL processes
  • Tools for secure migration and personal data protection within the data warehouse

Which areas do we work in?

We develop anti-fraud banking systems with strategies geared towards finding unscrupulous clients

  • Automated online transaction assessments
  • User behavior pattern identification
  • We take into account multiple criteria for the segmental analysis of user actions

We increase the average check and minimize customer outflow by:

  • Holding customer analytics
  • Conducting customer segmentation models using ML algorithms
  • Setting up advisory systems and calculating customer LTV

We create marketing promoters and implement personalized real-time marketing by

  • Integrating back-office systems with metadata from web sources and social networks
  • Integrating back-office systems with geolocation metadata
  • Implementing data enrichment through public sources integration interactions

We organize an audit of current reporting systems and implement dashboards by

  • Formating reporting system requirements
  • Training your specialists to use data visualization systems
  • Training your specialists to use reporting mechanisms (Qlik Sense, Stimulsoft, Tableau and others)

We build a logical data model applicable to various business areas

  • Development DWH, Data Lake, Data Marts
  • Defining the optimal infrastructure using MPP systems and ETL tools
  • Implementing algorithms for batch and real-time models to update data layers

You can trust us

Over 10

years we’ve spent building SAAS and Big Data solutions

More than 50

completed financial and technical projects

Over 30

clients out of 100 Top - Forbes companies in Russia

Over 50

certified specialists on our team

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